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The last two years of madness has really put the screws to my business. Parts are slow to be made due to shut downs/ lock downs and backlogs. Cost of materials, labor and shipping has gone up, there for so have my prices. I'm trying to hang on but it's getting difficult. If there's something you're interested in let me know so I can get you in que.

Hi and welcome to FordRamAir.com LLC. Here you'll find the highest quality and most detailed reproduction shakers & ram air units available. You'll find most every make of Ford  ram air systems right here. What I don't have now, I'm working on. I've been specializing in these systems for over six years now and most all are exclusive, available here only. While others may offer you a cheaper shaker they can never offer you a better one.  I offer you the best and I  also offer you any service and info you could need before and after purchase. Others only take your money. I  take you from inception to completion. My goal is not to make you just a customer, it's to make you a very satisfied customer.

My products have been featured on the TLC  show "Wrecks to Riches" as well as two of the 2006 Mustangs and a Special Edition Ford Sport Trac Explorer at last years S.E.M.A. Show by Galpin Auto Sports ( home of "Pimp my Ride" ) and Barry's Speed Shop(home or "Wrecks to Riches"). I've also been mentioned in a few major magazines and the Galpin Auto Sports 2006 Boss 302 which wears my modified Boss 302 shaker is on the cover on the March 2007 5.0 Mustangs and Super Fords. Can the other guys top that ? I don't think so.

Offered are budget units for those who want to complete it later on to fully detailed units that have been detailed , repainted and operate just like the originals, only requiring installation.

At FordRamAir.com LLC  you'll find it's about quality and service, not trying to sell you stuff. If you need it I'll get it. If you don't I'll tell you. Plain simple, honest, quality service.

Online ordering still has glitches. It is currently working at this moment but it seems to like to rebel. If you don't hear back from me in a day or two please resend or call. I'm sorry for the inconvenience . I can't  figure out what keeps going wrong.

You can contact me by email at


by phone / text at

718 810 3661 days  

by mail at

Leon Grice
193-05 119 Ave
Saint Albans NY 11412



Last updated  4-3-22