We must never forget the price of Freedom




If you haven't notice yet you will soon that my prices have gone up. This is not something I do because I'm low on pocket money, I do this because I have to. We all know the cost of oil has been climbing the last few years with $4/gal for gasoline here again. Some may know that resins are also petroleum based and their cost too have risen sharply in the last few years as well. Though the increase wasn't as fast as gasoline it's gone up and it's been staying there for a long time. I've deferred raising prices for as long as I could but it has come to the point where either I make enough profit to pay my bills or I shut down and go back to my wrenches. I've often thought it would be in my best interest to go back to building and restoring cars. I always had enough work year round and labor is all profit, all the time. A lot less volume and more money. No slow season to worry about. No loans to repay. No rush orders and no spending countless hours on the computer creating invoices, maintaining websites, fighting with shopping carts and sorting through dozens of emails every day. It sounds tempting but I want to continuing doing the " ram air thing " as I like it. It's something different after 20 years working on cars. If some of you are turned off, well I'm sorry to hear it but I feel most all of you understand where I'm at. We all live on some form of a budget and I'm no different but now I have to stay on one.

At the moment I've got a load of parts waiting  for a reasonable shipping solution. In years past plenty of ships were headed to America but now not so much. This has driven shipping cost way up. There are no more bargains waiting to be discovered. So at the moment I've got lots of units waiting to get here. When I'm forced to paying too for shipping this translates into higher prices for you. Those higher prices for you can mean less sales for me. This is why I have to be patient and find the best solution.

New Products

I just got in my first order of Boss 302 and 429 snorkels. I'll post pics when I get back from Carlisle. What this means to you is that the Boss 302 shaker is now complete as it the Torino 429SCJ. It also means that a Boss 429 ram air unit will be here soon.

I'm also working on a shaker type scoop for the new 2005-2007 Mustangs. This unit mounts to the hood and not to the engine so it doesn't shake but it still looks plenty cool. If you're thinking that it should be a functional ram air unit than you should consider how much air will ram into the scoop, turn 180', come out the front into a "S" shaped duct which dumps into the top of the air filter box then must pass through the filter before it makes it's way into the engine. Face it, shakers work best in their vintage form where the air dumps right onto the air filter and directly into the engine. Anything else is just decoration. The perk with my scoop system is that it WILL dump cooler air into the engine compartment and this will drop your under hood temperatures. This is physics not theory.