We must never forget the price of Freedom


Here is where you'll find the discounted parts. These can be parts that are damaged, discontinued or offered at a reduced price as an incentive to pay  via postal money order. I like postal m/o's because they are as good as cash and never expire. To get the special price you must comply with the stated requirements. It's up to you to check before you buy. Once your order is shipped it's too late.

Here are some other examples:

This may seem obvious to most but every once in a while I get a character whose sole task in life it to test my temper. While I'm not a hot head by any means, I'm almost always either busy or tired. I've had guys call me at 12 midnite on Sunday and 6:30 am on Saturday just to ask questions about if they can use the parts they already have to make a ram air unit. Now, don't get me wrong, if you ask the right questions I'll give you the right answers but if you wake me up because you get a cheaper rate after 12 and before 7 you can bet your backside I ain't gonna be so helpful. Hell, I might even be rude. I will almost never return a call after 8 pm. To me that's family time. I get maybe an hour with my kids after the homework is done, dinner is finished and they've had their bath. That is more important to me that any sale so please keep that in mind.  The exception to this is if you're an eccentric millionaire and you want to give me obscene amounts of money. If this is the case, email me for a special number to call.