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When I brought up my 1974 Aussie Falcon XB-GT Coupe I brought up a load of the famous Aussie 351C closed chamber 2V heads. I started out with just shy of 100. I'm down to about 30 now.

 It's well known that these heads will increase the compression in your 351C, 351M or 400M almost 1.5 points. It's also well known that they will directly bolt on to any of the above blocks without any mods. The Aussie heads use the same 2V valves & springs as the U.S. versions so there's no issues with locating parts. The one thing they don't have is E.G.R. porting. This shouldn't be an issue unless you're running in a vehicle less that 25 years old and if you are you can still use them along with your E.G.R. intake and win on both sides. I know from personal experience that all that E.G.R. crap didn't work worth a damn and I always got my cars to pass well above the limits without it. The only catch was it had to look like it was all hooked up & working. Since these heads aren't drilled for E.G.R. porting you can install all the other emissions crap for a full blown legal look and not a whiff of exhaust gas will ever make it through the head.

For the vintage car/truck owner seeking more power these are the hot ticket. It's been proven that a closed chamber head has better flame travel than an open chamber which means more of the air charge will burn when it should.  The smaller chamber will burn a charge more efficiently and completely than an open chamber head which means cleaner emissions. You'll make more power with closed chambers and flat top pistons than with open chambers and pop up pistons. This is what I've learned from reading volumes of articles on what makes power.

OK, now that we know they'll make more power you should also know that these heads are from the days of leaded fuel. To run these on the street with unleaded fuel you should have the exhaust seats replaced. If you're a part time driver you don't have to but you really should if you're building a high performance engine. Why spend money good now only to spend even more later down the road to correct an oversight.

Each & ever head has been thermal cleaned and magnafluxed to be sure they're good, crack free rebuild able cores. Of course they range in condition from excellent used to those that need guides & seats. Prices are for bare heads which run $450 & down.