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Wrecks to Riches  Torino

This car is from the TLC Channel's show called "Wrecks to Riches" where they build a killer car and auction it off for charity. The stroker big block is wearing my 429SCJ Torino shaker. Here's a quick note from Chris Brown the designer and one of the builders of the car.

Thank you all for helping us out on car #9 of our new TV series, “Wrecks to Riches”. The Torino started as a 6,900 mile original, 6 cylinder, three on the tree car in showroom condition. With all of your help, it has been transformed into a Super Muscle Car!


Thank you,
Chris Brown
Barry's Speed Shop
(951) 273-9284

Galpin Autosports 2005 Boss 302

These are the guys that do "Pimp my Ride" . They installed a  Boss 302 in a new Mustang for the SEMA Show. Of course they used my parts.

Barry's 1971 Torino G.T.


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Ray's 1970 Mustang

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Steve Ball's 1971 Mustang convertible in the United Kingdom

Clem Storey's 1965 Mustang in Hong Kong

John Callis' 1970 Boss 302

James Ray's 1973 Mach1

Mike Wilkerson's 1973 Mach 1

   Tom Marcucci's 1973 Gran Torino Sport



Bob Pine's 72 Australian Falcon XA Coupe



Bill Phillip's  71 Mach 1



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Tom Marcucci's  Boss 429 72 Torino