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Lincoln Mark V pick up


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Here's an email I got from the owner. Please contact Ferrell at pharaoh@grandecom.net


Leon, hopefully you can view the pictures of the 78 Mark V pick up.    It is up for sale and you can't even begin to build one for what I would take for it unless you do everything yourself.   I just spent this last your $1000 on the upholstery.  This build has been going on over 13 years.   I will never get it totally completed before some of it needs work again.   With that said it needs paint.   A/C does not work, but I have a complete not open a/c system that I took out of the parts car before giving it to the junk yard.   We were able to take it out without opening the lines.   I have not started it in several months and when I did today to take pictures at least two tappets were making some noise.   Inspection ran out in January .   I have some where around $10,000 invested or more.    I will take $4500.00   The car is solid.  

The bed is made out of 1/8 inch Aluminum step plate.